"Haunting and soulful"—Folkradio UK, Mike Davies [2/17/2017] Full article 

"One of the most wonderfully personal, beautiful and difficult albums I've ever heard."—FATEA, Rudie Humphrey—[2/16/17] Full article 

" Dorado is truly the first great album of 2017.." —Eleni P. Austin, Coachella Valley Weekly [2/1/2017] Full article

" Mesmerizing!" [1/28/16] —Magnet Magazine Full article 

"Excellent European take on Americana." —Jeremy Searle, Americana UK [1/12/17] Full article

"They pull together spots of light and hope in the midst of a great ragged emptiness and allow these bright moments to shape the rhythmic momentum that propels the song forward." [11/25/16]—Joshua Pickard , Nooga Full article

"Imagine a late Dylan voice, maybe Tom Waits or Nick Cave mixed with the songscape of Brel and Brassens and it will put you in the right territory." —Mike Wistow, Folking [1/17/17] Full article

"Georg Altziebler’s distinctively deep smoky voice carries the melody on its journey, as the falling sweat seems to evaporate before ever hitting the cracking dirt." [11/25/16]—Mad Mackerel Full article


“SotVR's songs are thoughtful with deep rootsy arrangements that allow for flexible flourishes from the players." —David Hintz, FolkWorld

“Velvet Rat’s sound is where punk rock, folk tunes, and French chansons intersect.”—Maggie Downs, Palm Springs Life

“There is a deep and soulful purity to their music. Georg is not just a lyricist. He is a songwriter’s songwriter. There is a haunting beauty in each and every song that stimulates intrigue.”—Lisa Morgan, Coachella Valley Weekly

“There‘s some dark majesty at work here."—Logo Magazine

“Largely beautiful piano and throaty, smokey vocals...”—Collected Sounds

“Heartbreakingly beautiful, slow, minimal folk." —KZSU, Radio Stanford

“Introspective and cathartic European folk music."—Delusions of Adequacy

“SotVR paint a landscape that echoes the dark romanticism of Leonard Cohen and Nick Drake…stark imagery amid themes of love, loss, and longing.”—Performer Magazine

"SotVR’s words emanate directly from his heart and their honesty and urgency give the songs a gorgeous hue. Knife sharp lyrics contrast warm melody.”—Sponic Magazine

“There’s a band from Austria of all places who we heard here. It’s a husband and wife team called Son of the Velvet Rat. He’s got this great sexy, gravelly voice. He reminds me of that a little bit – this Dylanesque thing. It’s beautiful melodies and sort of this Nick Drake, Mark Lanegan kind of thing. I freaked out when I saw them at this little place called the Hotel Cafe.” —Lucinda Williams, Stereo Subversion